Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesome Moresome


Alhamdulillah.. It was totally an awesome event we had been involved! ^^,Y  Being a part of a running challenge event team of Standard Chartered Bank, I felt totally amazed of how much we had involved, and watched over the whole agenda.

Had to deal with very little time of rest before coming to Dataran Merdeka, we went to bed at 10 pm. Woke up at 12 am, we got ready to Global Doctors Centre in Mont Kiara. With amount of only 2 hours bedtime sleep, you can just imagine how were we walking and sitting while our mind were in between of dreamworld and reality... ~.~ we did felt asleep too at the booth..

Then, with about 10 plus cars and ambulans, we arrived at Dataran Merdeka. Hundreds of runners gathered. Waiting for their turn to start runn ing. At 4 am in the morning, the first group which had a full marathon of 42 km (!) length was got off to the track. The funny thing is, there were several runners wearing costume like Banana man, White Carrot, Saxophone and many more. One of a father brought his son together on a stroller. So sweet~

The event ended about 12.30 pm in that hot and sweaty afternoon. Alhamdulillah, the most severe case we had was a runner was brought in with chest discomfort and following the ECG, there was no sign of heart attack but he was sent to HKL for a proper monitoring and observation . Most of the cases were muscle cramps, and collapse due to exhaustion. Some were due to muscle sprain, blisters and vomiting..

All patients were managed accordingly and discharged well. ^^ This opportunity really geared up our leisured body after 3 months holiday. Now, we are preparing for real works and duties! Thank you Allah. I did learn new thing and realized some weak points.

I will try to improve and be a better doctor.. Insha Allah!

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