Monday, June 18, 2012

A Walk in Wangsa


Alhamdulillah, today I had a blast walk with my little sister. We walked to Wangsa area where Wangsa Walk, Carefour and etc are located together. My little sister is going to City University in Asia Jaya, and we had a walk today to settle some registration affairs.

After a long sunshine-hot-sauna day, and opened up CIMB account, we went to Wangsa Walk for a meal. Looking for nice and yummylicious meal, where can it be? A not so heavy food, yet not so hungry-again food... Then, my little sister suggested to have some Doughnuts at Qooz' cafe.

The best thing about the Qooz is that their Doughnuts are cheaper with 2 pieces for RM3.50. The Dough is totally different with Big Apple and Dunkin'. Its spongy dough is so yummy to be chewed and savor the happiness insides! 

Next to Qooz cafe is Gelato Lecka Lecka. I was so excited as I never had the chance to taste one, and we bought two cups! Mine is a mixture of hazel and almond nuts with chocolate chips. 100% delicious! And my little sister's is a mixture of yogurt milk and green mint. Scrumptious~ unfortunately we didn't have precious camera to take some pics.. :(

So here are some copy pasted pictures from Mr. Google. :')

Qooz and Gelato Lecka Lecka are totally awesome~ and of course they are not for a daily meal.. No No. Sweets are best indulged once every month~ :') 

Most, both are Halal, Insha Allah. I usually check the Halal status first before buying foods. Especially foreign foods.. ;') For your information, this is the most recent official logo for Halal status by Jakim. Don't forget to check before hand, okay? ;)


deno said...

wow!!! ymmmy!!!!! :)

izzanis said...

deno : so true! ;)