Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moonlight Beach


Alhamdulillah, the letter for report to work arrived home today when I was about to go to post parcel. I was so excited yet opened it at that very moment. Dang! The induction course will be held in Moonlight Beach, Kelantan! Err, what should I say.. Should I be happy? Should I be nervous? or should I be down? It will be a long 8 hours journey and this had put me in dilemma which route should I take... :'( Bus? 8 hours sitting! Airplane? Double spending! Someone to send? That person will faint!


Err.. So.. Maybe I just have to hold on to this 8 hours long sitting journey after all. That's the only best choice for now... :(

Yet, I am so excited to be in Moonlight Beach this coming next week! Meeting new working-mates, knowing new things about working field, and having a blast in Perdana Hotel.. 5 days, 4 nights stay and the most, its free! Or it actually will be deducted from our becoming salary... ~.^ Wallahu'alim..

May this anew starting is the most best planned by Allah s.w.t.
Oh Allah, please help and guide us.
Bless us in this field, and teach us to be a good Muslim doctor.

Amin Ya Rabb...


adrenalina said...

welcome to Kelate!!! =)

Nik Ahmad Fariq said...

Welcome to my hometown..
May you have a beautiful experiences here.. ^^

izzanis said...

adrenalina : hee tq ! :)

nik : Insha Allah, hopefully to get one... :)