Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D.I.Y. flower tissue paper


Welcome to June! :) Nothing change when new month arrived, but we do have hopes and aims to keep on working for.. Isn't it? All the best brothers and sisters~

Ar-Rajab is here, Ar-Ramadhan is coming! :')

"Oh Allah, please help us to have a blessing Rajab, Sya'ban and Ramadhan..
Help us prepare to have great Iman, Amal, and Taqwa.. Amin ya Rabb.."

Last week, my bff requested me to try on DIY flower tissue paper for her becoming wedding's decoration. She tried before, and asked if I can do better. This will be my first time to play around with tissue papers other than its formal usage.. :p

So, due to that request, I had a day to start my DIY project. Looking for tissue papers in the house~ and other props.. Alhamdulillah, all were available. Now, what to do next? I searched some images of DIY flower tissue papers in Google, watched some tutorial videos, then time to try it!

first, get the tissue paper. Be creative by trying different types of tissue papers. They are available in flower or craft shops, and also in Popular bookstore. ;)

cut the size as big as the becoming flower's size you wish.

prepare a long thread or string or craft wire or anything that you prefer. If you desire to arrange it into a bouquet later on, use the floral wires and make it longer.. ;)

fold like fan~

then, fold like this picture above.

tie at the center using the thread or string or wire before.

use scissor to cut the two end forming a semi-circle shape.

then, enlarge the folds that you made like fan. unfold the first layer like in the picture.

do the same for another half through the whole layer. This task, you really need to be gentle and be creative to form it into a lovely softy looks flowers~ ;")

there you go~ a finish-made flower tissue paper. Now, try with colors you wish and arrange it into a beautiful flower bouquet.. All the best~ ;)


InIamIz4 said...

can you do a sample for me my dear? searching something for my wedding theme. will go to ur house when i'm free.

izzanis said...

insha Allah.. will do.. it's so easy~ ;) come2..