Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A whole day?


Happy school holidays readers~ A school whole-day? No? Holi-day.. Tehee.. Yea, yea.. Holiday is the correct one. When school holidays come, I always turned back when I was a kid. Loove the cartoons and kid's movies.. :')

Who is the person who gets so happy in front of the television? Me! Oh my, sorry for being childish.. I just love cartoons and kid's movies. Yes, I said it twice. And lucky me, whole my siblings are joining the club too. We are so happy gathering together watching the same channel and chat about it.

However, my mom can only join at night and weekend~ If not, we are like a happy 5 sisters all together in school holidays.. ;(

Oh, and one more. I created a new blog address and loss my blog lists. I don't have the copy though.. Huhu.. I am sorry if you found out that your blog is no more in the blog list "Photography Lovers" or " I Appreciate Them". Do tell me okay? Thanks..

Happy holidays again, use this opportunity to strengthen family bonding and grab chances to experience new things.. ;)

Till then, take care...

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