Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Care and love


Have you ever realize sometimes, you continuously change. Today, you are a gentle person, yesterday you had a bad temper, and tomorrow, you just keeps silent and seems uninterested to daily chore. The most uncomfortable thing is when you realize that unconsciously you are not treating your close family or friend as good as the others.. You want to show your care, but you acted the opposite. You become more sensitive than usual.

Here are some tips, to show your care and love to someone close but you always fail to keep on being nice and gentle every single day. I intentionally to share this as to apply to my mom and sisters..

1. Wake Every Morning with An Appreciation for The Other Person and before you're going for bed.

Being grateful for the people and things in our lives is one of the most simple ways to achieve a sense of daily happiness. You don’t have to engage in huge displays of affection. Just as simple as saying "thank you" or "loving you" is enough to show your gratitude. It will cost a little bit uncomfortable and shyness but you have to know that, your mother will be touched that you think of her as how much she does.

2. Sharing is Caring.

By offering your food, things and thoughts actually bring you closer to them.  Simple acts of kindness are the ones we so easily overlook in everyday life. Yet they speak volumes to others in our lives. This is so simple where your heart keeps on pounding showing care to others.

3.  Do Something Unexpected. 

Most people love a surprise, especially when that surprise is something that helps them or makes their life a little bit easier, if just for a minute. Even it is just as simple as helping to do the house chores. Your mother sure be thankful to have a child as thoughtful as you.

4. Apologize Often, Even If You’re Not Wrong.

Apologies are simple, free, and entirely within your world of control. Handing them out just as freely and easily will, in the long-run, make you feel better and also make them feel better. It shows you care more about them rather than winning any particular (all-too-often, silly) argument.

5. Refuse to Argue and Pick Your Battles.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you hold a white flag and ask not to start any argument because to argue is a choice you made. By postponing the discussion, will actually helps to settle down a conflict. Don't be too impatient to settle everything at that time. You may worsen the situation or ended up having a fight.

6.  Do It, Don’t Say It.

“Actions speak louder than words”.  Show your care by doing something that you think to do it without being asked or reminded to do so rather than only saying that you will do. They will notice your care and be pleased.

Adapted from,

6 Ways to Show You Care
By John M. Grohol, PSYD
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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