Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fashion and Passion

Living in the world of humankind, people will never able to be free from passion and desire. We as ladies, fashion is one of the trials. Woman nowadays are being attracted by modern fashion which keeps on updated and innovated. It never fails to reach our heart, it will never fails to attract our desires.

It is not a problem to be fashionable, but it costs money, time, energy and hijab. Whenever we see a lady walks pass through our view and her attire looks so gorgeous, we feel something insides. " Wow, so beautiful. I want it too. " Then, that desire influence you to get yours too. You spent time to search for clothes, you spent energy to walk and trying, you spent money to get them. At the end, after you've come back from putting on the new clothes and arrive home, you gain nothing except your own satisfaction for being attractive and beautiful on floor of people.

I love to wear beautiful attires, but I always face the same problem. It is transparent, translucent, tight, vivid colours, and many more. I know I am kind of choosy, but I am not without my principles are not being fulfilled. I hope, this coming holidays after final exam I can produce some new clothes for my own desire.. Which is simple, modest and sweet. InshaAllah..

Good bye bad desires.. Shuhh shuhh... ^^

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