Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another new age.. :)

Alhamdullillah, praises be to Him Allah for all these 24 years I have been living in a peaceful life, living as a Muslim who knows her only God, having a very loving family, friends and dreams to become true inshaAllah..

I have been thinking of why are people getting excited on their birthday? And of course, me too when my birthday date is coming nearer. Maybe because on during this date, people will give a lot of gifts, wishes, and prayers specially for you. 

If you think that your birthday is nothing special and you do nothing on that day, trust me actually it has nothing to be sighed for. The best thing to do on your birthday is, to call your mother and thank her for giving birth to you. I did it this year. I went home to spend my birthday together with family although I know my exams is around the corner and I really have to focus. Then, my mom told us the story when she was giving birth to me.. We remembered the time when I was born. It was after Maghrib. 

I thanked her.. " Thank you Mama for giving birth to me.. " And my eyes were like to be flooded with tears.. 

Another year keeps coming by, I realised that I've became more matured than I used to be and think more about others especially my family.I had done so many mistakes without intention or with it but I know Allah just loves me that He keeps on giving me new lesson to learn. Sometimes it is hurt but I just have to accept and correct my weaknesses. I am still growing, and I have to be strong.. More challenges are ahead. I hope,  before my last breath, I am able to recompense all family hardship and kindness, and compensate all my mistakes and be a better servant to Him, better person, daughter, friends, doctor, family member, sister and others. .. InshaAllah.. 

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Happy birthday too.. :)