Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Acne can be treated!


Last week, I had a teaching session in a government clinic and fortunately I found a poster with a statement " Acne can be treated! " Really? I am looking forwards for it ! Women and men just can't run away from this problem, don't we? Yes, there are some lucky people who just don't have to worry about their skin. Thanks to Allah, you guys have so beautiful and healthy skin.

How about us? People-who-always-worry-of-these-popping-lesions-at-our-face? I guess, we just have another way out from this problem. I don't 100% guarantee how helpful it will be but we should at least give an effort to try.. Yes?

What I did was, I approached a family medicine doctor who just finished teach us. I asked her about the poster in front of us. And she said yes, it can be treated.. :) There are 2 topical(apply on skin) medications that can be used within one month. If the acne still persist, I can go to the next step, which is using antibiotic for 6 months. InshaAllah, it will helps me for not having any acne any more..

So, currently I am on those topical medications and it seems to show an effect. My acnes shrunk and new acnes started to resolve. And of course I have to bare not to scratch or pinch my acnes. I hope these medications will help me and free me from this problem, with Allah will.. :)

For those who still having problem with your skin and don't know what to do any more, consult your doctor. And if you have government guarantee letter, all  the medications are free then! For those who are not, don't worry because the meds are just like your usual facial product. Maybe around RM12.. ;)

Any question regarding this, you can ask me. inshaAllah I will give some more infos..
Till then, take care..


Faaein Talip Roy said...

dokter.. thank's for this entry.. my acne always ruin my face.. it is always leave the scars around my face.. arghh.. sometimes it is so terrible.. i really don't like acne.. please dokter.. help me to get rid from acne..

hahaha.. grammar sumer tiba.. =P

eezance.. pehabaq? lama tak mai sini.. hope sihat selalu.. [^^,]

eezance said...

faaeein : heee.. alhamdulillah sehat.. ;)

tq faaein! ada prob dgn acne ye?

Faaein Talip Roy said...

adalah eezance.. muka ni dulu lagi teruk.. rasa segan aje nak kuar umah.. lepas tu bila tinggalkan kesan lagilah.. dah macam ada cop free aje kat muka ni.. huhuhu..