Saturday, July 2, 2011

So lonely

It is so lonely yet people are surrounds.
It is so tiring yet nothing was done.
It is so boring yet so much comforts gained.

Salam'alayk people.. :)

What have you been doing this weekend? Me.. I just wondering in my room what to do.. However until now, I am just leisurely did what I like but unfinished works are waiting and glaring when will I settle them out.

Now is already July 2011, and 30th Rajab1432... Not far away from Ramadhan~ Have you settle all your fast debts dear ladies? :D Ganbatte!

Just before I forgot, I already tasted the macaroons that I wished so much for before..

Bought at Harrods KLCC, RM18 for 6 pieces. 

Yummy.. First bite, you will feel the sweetest taste of it. And when you start to chew all out, the sweetest taste will gone. The left taste is the delicious macaroons. For those who are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, be aware of the effect and take your medication as soon.. ;)

Still, I have no courage to settle my work and maybe will go to bed earlier. Tomorrow will be my team's turn to oncall..

Take care then! :)


Faaein Talip Roy said...

my weekend... duduk kat bilik siapkan apa2 kerja yang patut... huhuhu..

good luck eezance.. moga menjadi doktor yang disegani.. =]

yangyuyu said...

weeken saya shoot gambar saja..penat!