Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mujahadah as a becoming doctor part 1

Life is so tough for a medical doctor. One wrong you made, many threats are ahead. Sues and even losing your job will waiting for you.

Nowadays, patient and the family are eager to question doctor about their abilities. I am not sure if you think of us as a human any more. May be some yes, and may be some no. The key is how we treat them as a patient will  influence how they respond to our service.

Well, I have no right to say this as I am just still a medical student. You know what, being a medical student is the ever worse than other type of students. Why? because we are mentally, physically, emotionally, and knowledgely challenged and threatened. If you are lucky enough, may be your becoming supervisor will still help you to correct your mistake, if not.. You may have to harden your heart just to bare their bad comments and even shout at you in front of the patients. Darrgghh... I had plenty of it.. my bad..

Mujahadah as a becoming doctor, I have to be strong. As a human, people always need support from their close one. Still, I could not find satisfaction to depend to them. I have to depend on myself and Allah s.w.t. If I have to cry, I will cry alone. If I have to shout out loud, I can only swallow it deep insides.

People may LEAVE you, but Allah s.w.t. will NEVER will.


Fiza Chan..! said...

aSSAlamualaikum dear..
kinda hard life as future doc eyh.. stay strong.. i can't really help you throughout ur medical life, but i'm hoping that the spirit that i wanna share with, help u much..

chaiyok2! dear.. He is always watching you..

eezance said...

fiza chan: wa'alaikumsalam dear.. thanks so much sweetie.. :)