Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss my childhood life


Being a joyful child once in past time was an amazing memory in life. As being an adult lady now, I almost forgotten my childhood life. What kind of me when I was a kid. What things I did love to do. What type of games I would like to play and with who.

Past 2 days ago, I went to Jusco Wangsa Maju not far away from my house. This place was a memorable place where I spent my time since I was a kid. I remembered, because of my naughtiness, or might should be called childhood stubbornness, I lied down onto the floor and did a 360 degrees turns for times just because I wanted a home play toys. " I want it~ I want it ! ".. Oh my, how could I do that when I think about it again now.. Shame~ huhu.. Whenever I and my family when there again, my mom will tease me with that old little story.. Da da da~

So, after a long while never spent time here with my mom, we had a walk insides there. Jusco started to change their appearance. More elegant and stylish. Well, not other to expect such thing will happen nowadays. Long time ago, this place provided a huge play hall for us the kids. They have a giant rolling double chair, which I loved the most. Every time I rode it with my sister, we would shout all out just to enjoy the scary turn effect of it. Then, they also had a long train track which kids loved to ride too.

Not to forget, there was also a corner where kids could drive a mini car or van. Just step onto the big button beside our foot and the will car move.. And so much other things too that I loved to play. However, there is no more left there for me to enjoy looking kids playing them.

Then, my little sister pulled me into a play hall which not as same as the old location. We had a look into that hall, and yet I found this thingy!

Crocodile punch! Usually, when I played this game, I will be so much excited to knock them.. :D They will shout "Auww! ".. then, they came out again and again, faster and faster to be knocked by me.. when it happen to be me who hold the knocker, they can not be free from being knock out.. Ngee.. 

This little place reminds me of my old life with my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.. I miss it so much.. ;(

Oh no.. Sobs.. 

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