Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 weeks already passed


Alhamdulillah.. 7 weeks of first posting already passed by. Thinking of it, will always made me feel bad. People always think that they will do all their best in every new posting ahead, yet nothing much were done and they are still lacking of skills and knowledge. Included me, again. -.- "

To be called as a doctor in 11 months time, will I be able to get through this smoothly? Question marks are every where. Anxiety and guilty keep following me. Still, I do not reliably believe that I am going to be like one, one day.

Should I feel down for now? NO. I shall prove how good I am to be in months time. To live as a good as a great student, I have to sacrifice my leisure time and spend more time for skill development and knowledge maintenance. No pain, no gain. Such simply word yet much efforts to be paid.

Life is just so complicated, but you still need to survive and be brilliant on how you should be to fix thing well. All the best for people who are fighting for the best for their worthy life.

Ramadhan is ahead, I wish all of Muslims all over the world, Salam Ar-Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.. May you have desire to make this Ramadhan as a new door for a new better you.. InshaAllah..

People always made mistakes, but we must never stay still but to step forward for a better self and life.

Till then, happy fasting brothers and sisters.

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