Saturday, July 9, 2011

Being a wife in months time

With an age around 20th plus, a lady is always being surrounds by rumours about getting married. Included me as a lady aged 23 years old, I was thinking on how about me getting married in months time? I do not desire to marry later than 25 years old. I better think of this biggy thing. 

I was on my way back to college when this question popped out my mind. What kind of wife that I will be if I am about to get married?

Wondering and kept on wonder, I know, I just want to be the only best wife, companion, best friend, partner in every single thing in my sharing life ahead. 

In my previous days, I always wish to have a great man as my husband to be. A great man that I wished was a man who performs his duty as a servant to Allah, sincere in his deeds, good control of his social life, always strive to be a better man and gentle towards people surrounds. 

Well, I must realise that to gain what you want is not to only wish for it, but you must work for it.

You cannot point a finger to what you hope, but you have to know that the other fingers are pointing at you. I learnt that, it will be always me myself who have to put on my best to be a person like what I hope from a husband to be. 

If I want him to be a good servant to Allah, it will be me first to be a good servant to Allah..
If I want him to be a good man and behave his socialization, it will be me first who have to have done that..

InshaAllah, believe in Allah..
He will mate you with a person who are as close as who you strive to be.
I dreamt and always dream to be a beautiful Muslimah..
Who gain respects, kindness and peace from others..

I love to be plain,
I love to be ancient,
The only one I look forwards,
Blesses and Loves from the rightful One.. 


.........cP~ said...

ooohh..don't forget to invite "us" .hehe

AA said...

so true...

fzikuz said...

"I love to be plain,
I love to be ancient,"

Nicely said.. ^^

eezance said...

cP : inshaAllah.. kalau jodoh sudah turun dari langit.. ;)

AA : ;)

fzikuz : tq.. :)