Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life savour

How To Life Life

Dear life,
It is so complicated to understand you.
I believe, God made you to fulfilled human's needs.
Human needs life to fill their deeds.

Why did you're filled with numerous savour pleasures?
Enjoyment brings happiness, but I see it as a poisonous drug.
Once you're overdose, you will suffer for the toxicity.

Worthless time spent.
Wasted energy, money and knowledge.

In toxicity stage.
You're blurred, brain jammed, headache.
You've done so much, but still none. Dissatisfaction rise.

There are so lot that life offers you to gain.
Still, what does life meant to you?

Beauty, leisure, stuffs, etc.
I am sick of it. Although human loves everything in this world including me.
At the end of it, insides me hurt. Regrets. Frustrated.
There are none other thing that can calm my heart.
Neither you, or you.

Just one way.
Find your God.
He made you a life.
He sure knows what you need.
Find your calmness, as the way you'll find your God.

Still, not only to find that way.
You must live with it.
You must stay alive with God in your heart.
Every seconds, every deeds, and everywhere.

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