Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you try this photography trick?


Dear photography lovers.. Either the experts, the regulars, the amateurs or the beginners.. I would love to share what I found when editing the pictures. I know, maybe some of you already knew it.. Maybe you can add up ideas then? ;)

So, basically it is about degree of angles. This is a picture taken by me. The real angle.

When we capture photos, sometimes we didn't manage to choose the best angle. It is really obvious when we are in hurry, we tend to snap what ever we can. How about change the angle with the picture editor? You will find each of the angle has it's best effect.

How about change it to 180 degree? You will have a view like this..

Did you realise it? Then, how about change it to 90 degree to the right? It will have a view like this..

And how about 90 degree to the left?

So which angle do you prefer for this picture? :) I think I like the 90 degree to right better..

You feel it is just the same? nothing much? yeah.. i know.. It's only significant for a beginner like me.. :P

If you find your photo doesn't seem great, maybe you can try an error with the angles. ;)
Till then, take care...

tiny me : for an amateur photographer like me, what awesome idea can I suggest? ;P 


adrenalina said...

yes...sometimes we need to rethink again

eezance said...

adrenalina : kan? mula2 rasa mcm x yakin je nak share benda ni sbb mgkn org dah selalu buat.. tapi.. post juga.. :) u have an awesome blog!