Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kore Wa Zombie

Salam'alayk people..

Being at home made me watching a lots of anime collected by my lil sister. One of it is about Zombie. Do you ever watch any story or movie about this? I watched an anime about Zombie where it infects other people too fast until all over the Japan is full of Zombies. They are blinds, only can respond to sounds. When they bit other normal people, that people will turn into a new Zombie. Erk. Watching those scary situations made me suffocated through out the whole episodes. =.=

One thought came out from my mind, how about if this disaster will happen in reality on day? Nahh.. Too much imagination. How come Zombie really will be created one day? Who wants this really big disaster where it is hard to survive or run away from it? Then, another thought came. Some of created stories really turned into reality. For example, H1N1. Before it came, I watched Death Note 4 in which the story is about some bad people who created a virus to kill people in order to reduce number of humans in Earth. Sounds cruel right? But, that is what happen to people nowadays. =.=

Back to Zombie, do this thing will appear one day? Is there any association is in progress of making it? It's all start from a biological weapon. Zombie occurs when humans are infected by biological weapon. This is the theory in the movies or created stories. I even searched about biological weapon in internet. Most of the answers are about normal viruses that I've learnt before and none of those viruses will turn a human into a Zombie.

For most, we must believe that humans will never able to successfully plays with biological creatures. None of human will able to create a biological creature except Allah s.w.t. Human are powerless to create, and still lack of will to innovate them. Agree?

Yes, I agreed. With this kind of thought, I feel relieved. Alhamdulillah..


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Faaein Himura said...

zombie? zombi kampung pisang ke? hehehehe..