Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Congrats Sasa Al-Sharif

Salam'alayk people~ :)

Alhamdulillah, finally a hard decision is made between all those awesome pictures!

Our winner for My Life. photo contest 1 is Sasa Al-Sharif.. :D

" I hope everyone will find the straight way, InsyaAllah. "

The criterias that made me chose him are :

1. Creative angle capture
2. The picture really expressed the hope
3. Nice combination

Sasa Al-Sharif, congratulation. Do tell me on how you wanna receive your prize. Thanks. ;)

And all of my contestants again, I am so thankful. Arigato gozaimasu! As an appreciation, I listed your blogs into my blog list. :)

P/s : Hoho.. I judged the pictures like I am a professional photographer.. But, I am so not.. Just a truly comments from me. ;)


Nurr Kasih said...

Congrats utk Sasa :)

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

wow. tq so much. i pun tak tau nak receive mcm mana. apa2 cara yg mudah i ok ja.

happy sbb pic terpilih :)

fzikuz said...

I wonder how you choose the winner at first. But this photo really is good, nice captured and meaningful. Congratulations Sasa Al-Sharif.

p/s: by the way, I love Nur photo also. I bet it really hard to make decision, right miss Eezance? ^^

eezance said...

Sasa : ur welcome, maybe you can email me your account bank number.. it will be easier.. :)

fzikuz : seriously difficult! Sigh. Now i have a hard feeling again.. :( if only i have more prizes.. so i can choose many winners..

p/s : I hope, kak Nurr won't mind.. :) her pictures always the best..

yangyuyu said...

wow dasat la gambar sasa...

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

if u dont mind to change with handphone topup, would be easier for u. right?
u haven't mention ur email yet. thanks a lot :)

Nurr Kasih said...

it's ok dear... bersaing secara sihat:D. foto Sasa memang penuh makna dan terbaik :).

white rose said...

tahniah sasa...
mmg superp pun pic dia...

EB said...

Congrats Bro!
Brilliant idea!