Monday, February 7, 2011

Something awesome about Google Chrome !

salam readers.. 

i found out something awesome about Google Chrome.. I know, Google Chrome is absolutely awesome because its program is lighter, user friendly and manageable.. This chrome is first suggested by my little sister (she is futuristic than me.. -.-") as she said " install google chrome, easier~ "

and yes, I totally agreed.. :D few days back then I realized that there was something new prop popped out at the chrome's tab.. It made me annoyed at first because i thought it was something extra2 thing that not important.. So, i tried to 'delete' it from my view.. I did.. Then, after I know how important it is.. I am relieved now as it does not really disappear! Fuhhh~

click the web store where there are some many choice of applications..  ;)

at the left corner, you can see types of application.. one of it is game! :D

there are also other applications such as Art&Design.. and for students too.. 

do you have Google chrome? for those who haven't try it.. try now.. :) download it here.. 

and enjoy the new option in Google chrome.. 

(^^) v

take care~


Abuya Hayat said...

the thing that i like about Chrome is the Instant search...
cam tadi i put in the keyword 'monyet' and chrome suggested; monyet zakuan... terkejut gak, tapi after baca the blog baru lar paham ape tu beruk zakuan...

eezance said...

Abuya : so right~ agreed! :D funny.. hee