Monday, February 7, 2011


As-salam dear readers~ 

(^^) v

my exams are still going on this week.. and why am I here? :P just tried to sneak out of study mode for a while..  I am so looking forwards for 11th February! It is my special day every year.. And for this year, it is happen to be at the last day of my exams~ tripple yay.. :D 

oh.. it seems to be a lots of post exams wishlists yea? well.. all hard works have to be paid right.. and I wanna pay some gratitude towards my self too.. some of my wishes :

informal swimming class with a friend
join volunteer fair/ events 
(maybe at PWTC or KLCC or somewhere else.. who needs me? let me know k.. ;)
holidays at home 
(play table tennis with siblings, games, learning guitars & etc awesome activities) 
finish crafts orders~ (absolutely!)

woopps... I also have some programs to attend.. and preparations for final years too .. huhu.. -.-" 

so, i really have to plan my time efficiently at the same time enjoying all the activities I loved.. 

okay, time to continue study!

sayonara people.. 

take care..

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