Tuesday, January 11, 2011


salam readers.. ;)

alhamdulillah, I am better today.. No more in labile mood.. I am able to hold my tears and I can still smile although the pain is still hurt insides.. :) we must believe that we can recover back to normal one day right? I believe it.. Still giving some time to myself.. I will be alright, inshaAllah.. 

My appetite has improved, and I can have a good sleep at night.. I am able to distract my thought whenever my mind wanna think of that event again.. fighting~ :)

So sorry my latest 2 posts do not have picture with it.. Now I am at home since I got MC for 2 days.. My heart still don't wanna leave home but I have to.. Lot of works I need to pass up and finish before the end of posting..

Thanks for reading and cheer me up here.. :)

I will able to be happy again.. I promise.. 

Take care..


Faaein Himura said...

I know you can do it..
always be strong eezance!.. =]

fzikuz said...

err, what had happen? I don't understand even after reading the other 2 older posts. No matter what, sadness is just another part of life. Endure it with patient, cry if needed, but never give up. Pretty soon you'll find the true happiness.. ^^

eezance said...

Faaein : tq dear!! :D

fzikuz : im sorry to make it a secret by not telling the whole story.. just the point that i was sad.. ;) thanks for the concern!