Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing with the light~

salam dear readers..

do i ever told you i love cameras and photography? i think i haven't yet.. :) so, i declared that i really do love.. and to you who are in loved to, please kindly leave your link here so that i can have a sightseeing of your great photo shoots.. :D

oh, and regarding my current entry.. i was at night when taking these pictures.. just love to snap moments and suddenly found it interesting to play with the light effect at night.. yippie.. :)

this is the actual picture in normal state.. :) i was in the moving car during taking the pictures.. 

flying circle.. hehe

oh! here the shining glittering birds coming! flying to the left!

oh oh.. they just change their way.. flying to right! : p

multiples C's..... lalala~ :D

and H too!

this slimmy love.. i wish u should eat more to become healthy weight love! 

and the burning fires from the cars back lights.. haa ! :)
p/s: psst.. she (eezance) is really in her own world now.. being excited to those pictures maybe such a worthless to you.. (maybe?) but, really worth to her! :D

i wish somebody can bring me to a nice place for more photoshoot.. >.<
(since i dont like to pose in the pics.. hee.. )

ok then.. take care friends..!


Pencacai Alim said...

sakit mato den..hikhik..
slmat hri raya dn salam perkenalan

Amy Syaquena said...


im visit here and follow you..nice picture..

eezance said...

pencacai alim : slamat hari raya juga.. dan salam kenal.. hee.. maaf ye menyakitkan mate.. lenkali pakai speck hitam tu.. :P

eezance said...

amy : salam.. tq dear! ;)