Friday, November 19, 2010

An Award from Eeina!

salam readers.. ;)

how are you? i am fine.. just a little toothache after changing new braces holder.. huhuhu.. ;( but, its okay, it will be painless after few days.. i hope! Oh.. so sorry to keep the blog silence for a while.. im quite busy crafting for tomorrow event.. we have a business day in college and im one of the participant.. :)

just remembered what should i share in this post.. i am tagged by yna a.k.a eeina an award! yippy yippy yay~.. :D
thanks so much yna for tagging me.. i am very happy..

pretty cool right the design? i like~

But this award does not come alone.. it comes with 4 questions.. and the answers are~

1. My nickname :
Izzanis (in real life) and eezance ( as blogger)

2. Dedication for the award provider :
dear yna, thanks very muchie! i really like it.. and yes, this is my first award from blogger.. hoping some more awards from you and the other bloggers.. hee.. ;D
hope, we will be friends ever.. (please.. i wish)

3. Name 6 favorite artist/singer/group that you like :
oh oh.. i do not have so many favorite artists~ huk2.. but i do love only one for now.. Maher Zain~ :D
(dear artists/singer/group.. please work hard as Maher zain for me to love.. hihihhi.. )

4. Tag this award for 10 bloggers/followers :

So many? yes2.. i understood.. awarding people is a kind of showing care and friendy love.. ;)
i tagged ;

1. chentaMaya
2. Feez
3. nadyaeman
4. cik tom
5. shaofie
6. efa nur
7. nora
8. sue-sama
9. misza
10. aziey

p/s : sorry if u guys already own this award.. but i really wanna give it again~ :)


efa nur said...

Thanx sudi tag efa...:)

Shaofie said...

thnx a lot. heheh

nora amila ghazali said...

i have already get this award... its okay... i will list your name at that entry... lot of love... tq ya...

eezance said...

kamu bertiga : u are welcome! :D hee.. memang tau ada yg penah kena tag.. tapi masih mahu tag jugak.. ;)

Tomato Gurl's Life said...

cik tom dah dpt tp x publish lagi..nati cik tom masukkan sekali nama n ur link blog...thanks ye dear ;)

aziey_azahar said...

thnks willing to tag azziey...
nice to know u dear...

nadya e-man said...

thnx tag tau...heee...kne wat n3 ke nie???