Tuesday, July 3, 2012

His skinny body

Sun shone so bright and hot that afternoon. Every human walk to their on roadway. Busy. There was a pedestrian bridge nearby. A lady climbed up the stairs to cross. A moment, she stopped her step and looking at the side.

A skinny old Indian man was lying on the floor. He looks dirty and not managed yet he was sleeping with his hands covering face. Small top, and torn short. Sometimes he moved his fingers.

That lady turn, and continued her walk. She crossed the main road, and entered a shop, Seven Eleven. In her hand was a bottle of mineral water and a pack of bun. She climbed up the pedestrian bridge again and walked near that old man.

She looked surrounds, like waiting for someone.

" Excuse me Sir, can you help me please? " she said to a man who walked in front of her.

" Yes, sure. What can it be? " the man answered.

" Could you please give these to that old man? " While showing her hand towards that old man.

" Why didn't you give it yourself? "

" I want to help him, but I am kind of worried to approach him. I am a lady. You know... "

" Oh, I see. Okay, give me them. "

" Thanks! I am so thankful. "

That man took the foods and gave it to that old Indian man. He smiled and gave me signal that he had to leave. " Alhamdulillah. " She whispered herself. Then, she left to home.

* * *

Have you ever heard a story about Muhammad s.a.w. (peace be upon him) and an old Jewish man who is blind? If not yet, Google the story and learn something great about his humble heart.

If Rasulullah is still alive and be around us, I believe he will do the same thing as the above story but I do believe he will do much better. Nowadays, whenever I walk in city area, I will meet a number of people sitting at the side of pedestrian street and asking for alms. When I couldn't give anything at that moment, I will  lowered my head and feel ashamed walking in front of them without giving. Deep insides, I ask His forgiveness. ;'(

Having gastritis (easy to get stomachache when hungry or late for meal) taught me how terrible it will be if no food is available to eat. When I meet those people above, I know they suffer a lot. Maybe when I plan to go to city again next time, I should get mineral and bun ready in my bag. O Allah, please help me remember this willingness~ 

Insha Allah.. 

Dear friends, do remind me too okay? 

p/s: The story above is actually a reality condition in our country but not including that lady deed. It is my imagination... ^^ but I hope to be one. 

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