Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bomb blast

Salam'alayk readers~

Here I am after 1 week tagging in Medical Ward.. All I can say is, Fuhhhhhhhhh!
So tiring, skipping meals, having a swollen foot and stomachache in the line. Allahu'akhbar.. Nothing simple about being a doctor. Most after all, the challenge to take off and student mind set and dependent. I feel like, why didn't I do my best in student life? Why couldn't I grab all the knowledge and sharpen my skills when I had long leisure time in university? Oh my, I am no longer a medical student!


sorry, this post might be kind of emotional flooding but I will try not to make it more flooded. Hee.  well, here in this hospital we use computerized system where you pull and push the movable laptop desk around and around the ward to clerk patients. To order investigations also in the computerized system, medications, and all the forms involved.

Then sometimes you are being like an operator, calling here and there. Referring and taking appointments for patients. The most stressful job is when you planned to discharge a patient. I experienced it once today. 5 discharges at 2pm where at 3 pm I had a meeting with hospital director. Meanwhile the patients and their family members keep on coming to ask me to make it a.s.a.p....

alhamdulillah, my inner self keeps on reminding me to behave and be patience. I was almost like to tell them how did i feel and cry out loud at that moment. But, I have the responsibility to be professional and remain calm. I did 3 discharges and my fellow colleagues did once each. I am so thankful to have such great colleagues who will motivate , teach and guide when ever I feel down. Thanks so much you guys..! I feel relief and happy you all are around.

everyone must be afraid of being extended because of not competence and etc but when i went through the medical posting, there is no problem to be extended when you are being assessed not competent yet, and have to practice more. Because at the end of our posting which is in 4 months time, we are expected to act and decide  alone like medical officer. I have to upgrade my knowledge, skills, and etc before that time come...

Ya Allah, you let me be a and teach me to be a competent safe muslim doctor.... please Allah..

Amin ya Rabb..

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