Sunday, April 1, 2012

Such a cry baby


We had a farewell gathering today. All my sisters in Usrah were there too. We had a video session, sharing experience with senior housemen, and playing games. In the game, we played " poison box " and when the song stopped, it was me holding the box.

The paper was written " Share your sweet and bitter memories in these five years together.. " The moment " five years together " crossed over my eyes, I was burst in tears. Nor a good sharing came out from my mouth, I just keep sobbing.

"I'm sorry sisters, there is no words to explain my feelings right now. It is just too sweet to tell.. " Then, I continued my crying.

Until tonight, I can't stop crying whenever I recall this feeling. It is just so tearful to imagine you have to say good bye to your lovely sisters. Their loves is so heartwarming. I love you sisters!
Oh no, my eyes are tearing again.. ;(

Oh Allah,

You know these hearts, 
Have gathered thy love,
Meet to comply with your Order,
United to share the burden of thy preaching,
This hearts are binding vows to oust and support the tenets of You,
Oh God please ties this bond,
Oh God please ties this bond,
Oh God please ties this bond,
Everlast this intimity between these hearts,
Will Your true path,
Complete these hearts with thy Rabbani light,
Visit no dim,
Expand this hearts with overflowing faith and confidence,
And the beauty of relying on you,
Lively reignite these hearts with ma'rifat (actual knowledge) about you,

If you destined dead,
Then let these hearts die this,
As one of the martyrs in the struggle of thy religion,
You are the best of the best backup and assistant,

Oh Allah..

Answers this prayer..

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