Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Lovely you.

I can't sleep tonight. The Bait is calling afar. The memory keeps awaking. "Labbaykallahumma Labbayk.. " The steps we made encircling the Bait. Nothing could beat this great feeling. The big door was so near in front of the eyes.

I miss you, dear Muhammad s.a.w. I wish I could love you as how much you love us, your ummah. The life that you dedicate to only Him. You are so special that this love keeps on flowing towards you. No heart can stand without the feeling of missing you. No tears can stand without the feeling of guilty for your infinite love. The moment we remind of you, only Him knows that feeling.

Allahumma solli'ala Muhammad, wa'ala alihi, wa ashobihi, ajma'in..

Oh Allah, please make this heart having a big space for the love towards my beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and always Solawat for him never fails. Amin...

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