Saturday, April 21, 2012

Days of illnesses

Day 1 of illness.

2 of the family members already got sick. Cough and sneezing filled the surrounding sounds. I know, my turn will come next. Helping taking care of my little nephew, I am worried if he would also infected. In the evening, I started sneezing. Runny nose keep coming. Then, the sore throat said Hi. At night, I took a pill for runny nose and overslept.

Day 2 of illness.

Flu came. My body started to be warmer and warmer. I could not eat well. It was painful to allow food touch the aching throat. I took flu medicine and had my rest. Throughout the day, I only slept and rest. My mom keeps coming and asked either I am alright. The eldest sister. And the younger sister too. They keep coming and brought food for me. At that night, I felt nauseated. Empty stomach. Poor appetite. After taking a half mug of Barley, I vomited.

Day 3 of illness, which is today.

I am shivering. Weak. Coughing. Alhamdulillah, the runny nose stopped. My balance is not so good. My breathing is shallower. It is tiring. I only set one thing in mind. This is Kifarah.. It is painful, it is challenging to have this weak body for the mean time. However, I know Allah is trying to make me stronger.

smallie note : I should wear face mask the whole time in my work place since it is so easy to get infected. Hu.

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