Friday, March 2, 2012


A text message came in :

Maybe tomorrow we will be discharged. Wait, the baby want to breastfeed.

Next text message :

Maybe in the evening, depends on the wound condition.

The baby keeps on clinging, I haven't have my chance to eat.

He is handsome, and tall. And big.

He is fair. Hehe

His length is about my two hands long.

* * * *

Hmmm, I tried to imagine him but still, nothing great came across my imagination. I want to see him, hug him, kiss his cute cheek. Definitely it will not going to happen today because I have to attend a tutorial this evening and group discussion tonight. >.<


.........cP~ said...

Saya sanggup lepas posting berkejar naik train ke Hosp Sg buloh masa anak buah saya yang pertama lahir. Balik pun dah petang sangat. Dari HUKM of course.

eezance said...

cP : good for you then... ;)