Saturday, December 31, 2011

I have no reason

" I have no reason to stay alive.. And I am waiting for my death. "

I have no idea this words were spilled out by an elderly male patient. He was a patient who is suffering from heart disease. We talked and I explained what happened to him that brought him to the hospital. However, to hear something so down like this, I just can't bear to let it kept on wondering this elderly man mind.

" Don't be like this sir, there are so many things that you can do before the death approach you. Have you done your Haji? I would like you to aim for that first. We never know our luck in death, maybe I will die first before you. Please, have faith in life.. "

He smiled, and be thankful.

 Every single of human afraid of death. Please, don't be afraid. But be afraid to the time where you deeds will be revealed in front of HIM.

I realised how important my presence is to the hospital, to the patient and to the relative. I am someone who can make them realise how important health and life is. I love to be a doctor, love to give advices and cheer them up.

Seeing weak hearted-patients, makes my will power to fix everything goes up. No matter you're a Muslim or non-Muslim, you're just so important to me as a humankind. I want to see your smile..


WaWa said...

being a doctor is not just to treat them physically or externally,somehow we have to treat their soul and mind or internal as it may help them to heal the wound. although it may not fully recover.. as a short and simple, what can we say treat them as a whole.. :)

btw,what posting are you?

eezance said...

wawa : really true.. ;) I am in surgery posting starting by next week..