Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photography fever came again..


I don't know why suddenly instant camera popped up in my mind last night.. Then, I did online window shopping just to survey what kind of instant cameras are available in Malaysia and which one that I can afford..

Seriously, I am so new with these gadgets and a lots of research I need to do before I really can give advise about choosing them..

These are some of  film toy camera, digital toy cameras and instant cameras that I hope I can buy them one day..

Film Toy Camera

This one is called Ultra Wide & Slim toy camera (UWS)

so far the price promoted by The Click Shop is RM100.. and Roflcam's Raya Promotion is RM90..

This one is called Fisheye no.2 

current price is about RM 300 - RM 330
This is Colourspash camera..

It has about 12 different colour gels where you can manipulate your photo's colours..

Current price is about RM 250 - RM300

Digital Toy Camera

This is called Lego Digital Camera priced at RM300

This is Minimo X digital toy camera priced at RM298
Nicodigi digital toy camera priced at RM200

This is called Biscuit digital toy camera priced at RM120

This one is Chocolate digital toy camera priced at RM150

Instant camera

This one is Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty priced at RM480- RM500

This is called Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s priced at RM250-RM270

This is so called famour Polaroid priced at RM550

What do you think? It is hard to choose right now. Since I have no camera in hand, it makes me difficult either to own an instant camera (for sure it's fun!) , digital toy camera (save more money from buying films of course!) or a Nikon digital camera (as I previously which for.. coopix L120).

Raya is just around the corner and I think I have to own one in hand.. >.< sobs..

Can you suggest me a brilliant idea? Thanks~

Till then, take care.. 

Another 6 days of Ramadhan Kareem..

All the best everyone! 


Faaein Talip Roy said...

just take what you want.. but of course with your budget.. the most important it.. don't feel regret after you buy that camera.. for me.. all camera is the best.. Good luck to choose what you want.. hehehe.. =]

p/s: lagi sekali main belasah je taip.. grammar belakang kira.. huhuhu

eezance said...

faaein : hee.. tq faaein dear.. I think I've found the answer.. ;)