Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Coco

What does it feels when you are drinking a delicious hot coco especially in a rainy day or even at coldy night? I found it is a comforting way to indulge my stomach.. However, hot chocolate drink available at the market for now is almost more than RM10 per packet..

Some of the tastes are nice and yummilicous such as Cadbury. Since like I want to try another cheaper drink, I chose this one as my new favourite hot chocolate drink..

15 sachets per 1 pack for about RM10

The taste, the smell almost as purely chocolate aroma you would dream of.. When you are shopping for hostel's food stock, don't forget to buy this one too yea~ ;)

Happy fasting and happy iftaring.. :)

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leilaanuar said...

Salaam. Nice blog u have. :)