Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love our Musollah

Musollah is a place where Muslims all over the world served our prays to Allah s.w.t. Although Muslims can always perform their Solah any where they wish, Musollah is always a better place to do it.

How to love our Musollah? It is not a problem for us to use a Musollah in a place such as MidValley Megamall and etc. There is no other place to perform Solah unless the provided Musollah.

How about the provided Musollah near our living place? Have we love this place enough and visit in frequent?   Err.. May be not? Why must we spend extra time walking upwards, or downwards or even so far away? It is just the same then. Praying at home is nicer. If people are asking about praying in a group is a better deed, then praying in group at home then.. Everyone does think this way, included me.

One thought popped out of my mind. Hurmm.. How do I love Musollah in my living place? I sure know how lazy I am to climb up those stairs before arriving at the Musollah. But, if I continue to think like this, how much time then I go to Musollah and perform solah with other Muslims? Further that with my health condition nowadays. Coughing and breathlessness. Added up back pain.. Nahh... I must be strong!

Fighting away the whispering Shaitonn.. My heart burnt out saying " I do not care if I am going to collapse in my way to Musollah.. So what? Allah s.w.t must know how much I wanna do good deed! "

Well, alhamdulillah. I arrived at Musollah with little difficulty yet Allah s.w.t. granted me a peaceful Solah. You must know that when we perform Solah in a wide and calm place such Musollah.. No other than calmness refill the energy into our fatigue life.

Even better, perform prayers in a Mosque. And most most better praying in front of Kaabah Baitullah. To far then, starts keeping money to reach our beloved place ever.. (starting to go far away from the point.. lala :D)

One thing before I forget, have you even perform a prayer in a such unusual place like beach? or in a wide nature place? Do experience!

I hope that every one who ever read this, you and I will forever love our Musollah and we can fight those whispering shaitonn ar-roojim as strong as we can.. InshaAllah.. ;)

Till then, take care..

tiny me : I did.. at a beach during Subuh prayer and it was so wonderful feeling I ever had.. :) Alhamdulillah..

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