Friday, April 15, 2011

My Violin Story


Today, at my evening time. I had a visit at a junior's room who actually I contacted before for violin class. The purpose of the visit was to look at the violin. I never knew that I would be interested to play a violin one day. Thinking about this is making me happy ever.

So, I went to her room. There was a violin in a box. She opened the box for me. I could see a small wooden made violin is in there. The first thing that I learnt was about the violin and its accessories.

The bow. Which is a thing that we hold when scrubbing the violin's strings. I was surprised when she told me this bow is made of horse tail. If you have the chance to hold a violin bow, try it. ;)

And this one is a shoulder rest. To play a violin, people always put it onto their's shoulder. The surface of the pad is made of sponge. It is soft so that our shoulder will not be in pain.

The violin itself is a very light instrument. I can hold it with my one hand and can even hold it between my shoulder and left jaw. As I have the chance to try making a sound with that violin, guess what sound did I made? Sigh. It turned out to be " greeekk.. greekk.. kokkk.. " .  Oh, I am so shy at that moment and we laughed together. She said, that was a normal result for a first try.  Relief.

I realised that, to really make a good sound out of the violin, our confident must be at the tip top. Then, I tried to be more confident. Alhamdulillah. In the second trial, it turned out to be a lovely sound, finally. I am looking forward to play it again next time.

Other than that, I also got to know how to read the violin notes. Frankly speaking, it is hard. So hard. Even harder than maths. You need a very sharp memory, and a very fast hand movement. For those who can play violin very well, I am amazed at you. 

My dream for violin diary is, I am able to play the songs that I love to hear from a violin. One of it is Selamat Pagi Cinta OST.  One day, InshaAllah. 

tiny me : An instrumental play is a hobby, not a way of life should be depends on.


Faaein Himura said...

eezance.. i'm so jealoussss...
i want to play too.. =_=
hope one fine day I can play violin..
waiting to hear that lovely song from you.. huhuhu.. =]

eezance said...

Faaein : hihi~ be jealous! :P inshaAllah when I bought the violin and when we will meet one fine day, I'll let you play mine k? ;)

Ariff Suffian said...

Wouldn't mine learning it, the last time I played the violin it sounded like a dying animal!