Saturday, February 12, 2011

11th February

salam dear readers,

that date is my birthday..

alhamdulillah, I am a 23 year old lady now.. 

unfortunately, Im unable to post an entry for my special day.. due to last day exam and suddenly have to many programs came out.. so, I filled my day with busyness and I am happy although my family is not around.. I am so looking forward to go home and have a biggy awesome holidays with them.. :)

i'll post u a photo specially dedicated for my birthday.. 

till then,

take care.. 



fzikuz said...

Happy Bornday! May your day and life always in bless, and the prosperity and wealthy accompany you all the time. ^^

eezance said...

fzikuz: tq! :D inshaAllah i will.. aminn.. ;)

chii said...

eppy belated besday..semoga peroleh segala apa yg diinginkan dan mendpt keberkatan dunia akhirat..insya Allah

eezance said...

chii : so nice of u.. thanks dear.. :)

♥GAdiSMeRaHJaMbU♥ said...

happy belated besday babe! :)