Monday, January 24, 2011


salam dear readers.. :)

how are you? Im fine, alhamdulillah..

For a long time i haven't post any news here right? i missed it already.. ;( means, my patience's being tested! gambatte me~ sob..

oho..being drama queen again.. :P

so, because of i wanna save any leftover money for my expense before another new sem.. I have to survive without internet then~ and yes! i still have the opportunity to post here since my college provided a free cyber cafe.. but of course non privacy.. which is not comfortable for me to post at here then.. huhu.. :(

hee.. enough for being sad.. thanks to you readers for being patience waiting for me.. hihi.. 

arigato gozaimasu!

these are goodies from me.. for such a long wait.. hee.. 

my fav yummy lecious~
tako tako! it is so delicious.. i will learn to cook it !! because it is so expensive~

All of these below pictures were taken at my house and at a lake garden in my place.. ;)

i really like this tiny tree.. will plant it at my own home in future.. amin~

actually this is grass's flower.. i just love it as it seems like a paddy plant.. (is my vocab right? hee)

red charming morning glory flower~

this lamp reminds me of Narnia.. memorable thing~

Then, I wish to snap a foot jump.. I chose my sister as the victim! Jump sis, jump~ hee.. 

she jumped almost many times~ haaa.. :P

we jumped together.. U & me.. love~

photoshoot is fun right? :)

take care~

will update again soon.. inshaAllah..

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