Sunday, January 30, 2011

# The Chosen Blogger ~ February 2011

Salam Readers.. 

The first lucky blogger is Fzikuz 

his true name is :

Nik Ahmad Fariq

He says :

" I learn something, that teach me to do something, regarding something, which depend on something, in order to achieve something, and gain something."

From my point of view about this blogger, he is a talented person in his own way of creativeness. He snaps photos with embedded meanings. And we can feel the expressions within his captures. He creates poems,  I can see him as a deep thinker and has a good sensitivity towards emotion.

Here are some of his snapshots :

Visit his blog CRK & CRK photography to know more about his potential as a blogger and his talents.

All the best Fzikuz @ Nik Ahmad Fariq

Thank you.. 

The Chosen Blogger 
February 2011
by Eezance


Farhan Zulhusmi said...

nice picture...
memang kamu suke amek picture2 ye....msti ada kesenerokan sendirikan...

eezance said...

farhan: tq farhan.. memang sgt suka.. :) tapi gambar di atas ini adalah empunya si Fzikuz..

Ery Farieha said...


nice sangat!

eezance said...

Ery: tq dear... :)

Faaein Himura said...

wah.. memang pilihan yang tepat.. cantik pic2 dia.. nak terjah sana lah.. =]