Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now I Noe . .


after a while, i am busy randomly reading blogger's blogs that i dont even know who they are.. and i've found out it's quite interesting get to know someone new and who know we can make good friends? i have 'traveled' to many countries in only few hour! and the cost are free.. wow... awesome~ hee.. there are some new things that i figured out about my likes and dislikes that maybe i never care so much about :
  • i like to view the lifestyles of malaysian's oversea students.. (especially medical one ;) hi, if you are one of them, i am truly loved to be friend ! wee.. )
  • i like babies! and loved to views their piccss.. so cute..
  • i like photography!  i think i have figured out about this since childhood.. hee.. but i like it more when i see the blogger's very nice picss.. can i borrow your DSLR? want~
  • i prefer to read girl's blogs.. well, we girls know why~ we are heartly connected.. i don't wanna know about other guys life except my man to be.. ;p
  • i feel bored when read to much WORDs.. huhu.. i still have no idea why i can do medicine.. lots of words also right? books is different that blog~  hehe
  • i found out some guys are goods on sharing inner thoughts too.. ;)
  • i also found out that i hate/ dislike a totally fact blogs.. and the entry is soo long.. excepts lots of pics than words.. love!
  • oh no.. i think my entry is going to be long enough.. can i continue listing again next time? ;)
how about you? try it and you will feel the awesomeness of 'travelling' in front of your PC.. haha~ nice one..

woops.. its almost too late.. goodnite everyone and take care..


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